The DIE DAS DER Singles Club…

Excited to say that we have almost finished lining up the bands for the first year of the Singles Club. 2019 will see the release of 6 split 7″ singles, featuring 12 bands from Birmingham and beyond – all specially recorded and mixed for us at Black Country Recording Company by Jimm Zorn.

The first (featuring brand new tracks from VICTOR and Exotic Pets) will be unleashed in March, and the rest will follow in (roughly) two month intervals between then and December.

We have some very exciting talent lined up – both new and established – and can’t wait to bring these to you.

The first two tracks are off for mastering next week, and pre-orders for the first single will be opened before Christmas – with a few special treats for early buyers.

The singles will also be paired with some great launch events throughout 2019 – more on which in due course.

Once again, we’re really excited about this – but it will only work if you’re looking forward to coming along for the ride with us (and we hope you are!) 

Keep an eye on our DIE DAS DER Bandcamp Label page (link below)… this is where you’ll be able to buy the Singles Club releases from, and you can also shop the currently stocked wares for those Christmas treats!