Note: the links below are not intended to be an exhaustive list of anti-racism resources and tools for allies, but a starting point.

General Advice and Online Workshops for practicing inter-sectionality on a range of topics:

Mental Health Issues Facing the Black Community

Emotional Labour

Responding to being “called out”

Being “called out” for your words or actions, is a key part of true allyship and it is easy to become defensive. These articles explain how to step away from this behaviour:

White Privilege

Explaining the term and deconstructing the misconceptions:

“White Fragility”

These resources explain what this term means, and how to recognise it within yourself:

Non-Profit Work and Racism:

Non-Profits and Collectives can be unknowingly racist, often due to lack of representation within them. These articles highlight ways to recognise and challenge this:

Queer, Trans and Intersex PoC 

A dual intersection that often doesn’t receive widespread attention:

Websites in general

Diversifying your news feeds is important to helping understand the numerous issues affecting BIPoC:



Reading Lists

Reading books by BIPoC, both fiction and non fiction: