DDD12. New release now up for pre-order. On download or limited edition cassette (with download).

“Who the fuck are Meadow Burials? Is it punk? Who cares.

“Meadow Burials is the new project from Nick Wiltone, best known as the lead vocalist/bassist of noise duo, GHOST OF THE AVALANCHE. Blending the urgency of early 80s hardcore with fuzzed-out lo-fi production, what started as a bedroom project soon took on its own identity and became more than just audio sketches saved on a dusty old laptop.

“The debut demo ‘Preface’ is 5 stabs reminiscent of ‘Nervous Breakdown’-era Black Flag, with sharp bursts of Off!, the rock n’ roll swagger of The Bronx and the guttural barks of bands like The Hives. On ‘Preface’ Meadow Burials manage to capture a directness and attack that is perfectly matched to the minimal instrumentation yet manages to deliver pop-like hooks when you least expect.”

FFO: Black Flag, Off!, The Misfits, Ramones, Pixies, Booji Boys, Audacity, Crass, The Clash, Death From Above 1979, Circle Jerks, Raspberry Bulbs, The Cramps, Bad Breeding, The Damned, Fucked Up, The Hives…etc.

Released 2nd August 2019 (although advance copies will be available at Supersonic). We’re delighted to welcome Nick and Meadow Burials to the DIE DAS DER family.

Pre-order yours now: https://meadowburials.bandcamp.com/album/preface