DIE DAS DER Supports Black Lives Matter

We at DIE DAS DER explicitly support the Black Lives Matter movement globally. We are witnessing what will hopefully be widespread and lasting change for racial equality. Too many Black individuals have been murdered by police brutality and systemic racism both in the UK and globally.

George Floyd, Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor, Mark Duggan…

We are aware that our place in the overarching narrative of BLM is as potential allies, and although we do not own the conversation in any way shape or form, we want to assist in any way we can, be that through self-education, educating our peers, and increasing the diversity of our line-ups and projects, as well as raising funds for associated causes.

We will continue to be outspoken about inequality and racism both within the music scene and beyond. We will not go back to “normal”, instead we must work towards a new normal in which the fight against racism is a daily fight.

Words are not enough, actions are also vital to enact change. To this end, we pledge the following:

1) Actively call out racism within the music industry and ensure diversity on our line-ups when live music events can recommence
2) Compile and continue to update an online toolkit of resources on how White people can develop as allies
3) Donate regularly to BIPoC charities
4) Work more with and cross promote black-led promoters and bands

This Juneteenth (June 19th) is especially significant given recent events, and in conjunction with Bandcamp’s donation to the NAACP, DIE DAS DER will be donating all music and merch sales from June 19th to 21st to Colours Youth Network Fundraiser.

Colours Youth Network (coloursyouthuk) supports young Black and people of colour who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, intersex (QTIBPOC) to explore and celebrate who they are through meaningful connections to other young people and a team of experienced QTIBPOC youth workers.

Those who wish to donate separately can find more information on the organisation below: