“Yr Welcome: Bringing together fantastic local and national talent for a landmark event.”

Thus began the first emails we sent out when we were booking the first Yr Welcome back in 2014…
YR WELCOME is the entirely unambivalent moniker given to DIE DAS DER’s series of all-day events, historically hosted at the Wagon & Horses venue in Digbeth – Birmingham’s ‘artistic quarter’.

The event sees us cast our net far and wide across the country, so we can not only feature some of our favourite local acts, but so that we can also give promising bands from elsewhere the chance to play the 2nd city for the first time – to an appreciative and like-minded crowd. The venue has long been a local favourite and features an indoor stage and an outdoor stage, with a combined capacity of 250 – compact and bijou, but with well spec’d PAs and a great atmosphere.

The inaugural YR WELCOME festival in 2014 featured stand-out performances from SLAVES and GOD DAMN, and was a great success which we built on in 2015 with YR WELCOME 2 which had some classic sets from YOUTH MAN, SHITWIFEPOST WAR GLAMOUR GIRLS, THEM WOLVES, BLACK MEKON and TABLE SCRAPS among others.

In 2016 YR WELCOME 3 had headlines slots from IDLES (their Birmingham debut), USA NAILS plus local heroes SUNSHINE FRISBEE LASERBEAM and DORCHA. And 2017 saw COWTOWN, JOHN, and DRAHLA all grace the stages.

In 2018 we hosted three separate all day YR WELCOME events, which saw appearances from YOUTH MANYR POETRY, RAT THE MAGNIFICENT, SWEET DEALS ON SURGERY, BLACK PUDDING, FEVER DREAM, UNQUALIFIED NURSE BAND, THE COURTESY GROUP and loads of others.

In 2019 Yr Welcome moved base to Muthers Studio, re-purposing Rehearsal Room 5 as the second stage (re-christened, very appropriately, The Sweatbox) – resulting in possibly the most successful Yr Welcome to date.

While the future of Birmingham’s venues remains a little uncertain – one thing is for sure. YR WELCOME will continue to exist in one form or another.

Full list of bands who have performed at Yr Welcomes to date:

Yr Welcome Brum (August 2014)

Swoomptheeng – Slaves – God Damn – Ghosts of Dead Airplanes – Table Scraps – Ratel – Little Death Machine – Frauds – Ignoramuss – Mutt – Mutes – Kate Roberta – DNP – Dead Sea Skulls – Wax Futures – Anima – Fauxchisels – Ions – Adore – Great Uncles – The Mighty Young – Eat Y’Self Pretty – Rick Wellings – Ultimate Grand Supreme – Why? Said the Moon to Earth – Princess Maha

Yr Welcome, 2 (August 2015)

Table Scraps – Youth Man – The Courtesy Group – Post War Glamour Girls – The Double Happy – Fever Dream – Ghosts of Dead Airplanes – Fauxchisels – The Melting Wings – Shitwife – Bad Girlfriend – Frauds – Black Mekon – Wax Futures – A Pig Called Eggs – Jimm Zorn – Great Uncles – Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam – Repo-Man – Hula Girls – The Bank Accounts – Desperate Journalist – Them Wolves – Ravens – False Grails – A Werewolf – Miss The Occupier – MEN – Pretty Grim

Yr Welcome, 3 (August 2016)

USA Nails – Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam – The Spills – Frauds – Ghosts of Dead Airplanes – PRETTY GRIM – Bear Makes Ninja – False Grails – MATTERS – Falling Stacks – WAX FUTURES – Stinky Wizzleteat – Repeat Of Last Week –
Gunther Prague – Mayors Of Toronto –  Idles – Dorcha – The Broken Oak Duet – Cassels – DOWNARD – The Terror Watts – The Double Happy – Nasty Little Lonely – Sweet Deals On Surgery – fuck knuckles – Sœur – Night Trips – The Shogun’s Decapitator – Women

Yr Welcome Lite! (September 2017)

Cowtown – False Grails – Drahla – Duck Thieves – Wave – Ghosts of Dead Airplanes – John – Falling Stacks – Wax Futures – Hoggs Bison – Ghost of the Avalanche – Nova – Exotic Pets – Menaces – WMN (Women)

Yr Welcome Indoors (March 2018)

Yr Poetry – Rat the Magnificent – You Dirty Blue – Sweet Deals on Surgery – Nasty Little Lonely – Fun Sponge – Owte – Hulkenburg

Yr (Still) Welcome (May 2018)

Fever Dream – False Grails – The Mighty Young – Unqualified Nurse Band – A Pig Called Eggs – Gravves – Falling Stacks – The Double Happy – Wave – Black Pudding – Ghost of the Avalanche – Wax Futures – Shana Tova – Gunther Prague – Peaks

Yr (Very) Welcome (September 2018)

Youth Man – The Courtesy Group – Ghosts of Dead Airplanes – Veda – Repo-Man – Dead Houses – WMN – Downard – Exotic Pets – The Dollcanoes – P.E.T – Kendo Nagasaki – The Sunset Limited – High Knucks – Don Juan.

Yr Welcome Brum Fifth Birthday Party (September 2019)

Desperate Journalist – Salt The Snail – The Empty Page – Faux-Gazi – Pretty Grim – The Double Happy – Hot Sauce Pony – Bad Girlfriend – Wax Futures – Infants – Modern Literature – Gravves – Ubiquitous Meh! – Mr. Ted – Knife Crime